Ayada Maldives Tropical Resort with a Luxury Villa on the Maguhdhuvaa Island

This topic highlights a resort that has a charming natural scenery and very beautiful. The resort is called Ayada Maldives is located on the island Maguhdhuvaa. Enchantment of the nature around the resort is surrounded by views of the blue sea water and white sand beaches are very beautiful. With the design of a natural yet modern resort can provide comfort for guests staying at the resort. The resort has a total of 112 luxury villas, seven restaurants, bars and cafes. Villa accommodation arranged neatly with the feel of a roof made of dried palm leaf arrangement provides a natural tropical feel. Tropical plants also decorate around the resort, making the atmosphere cool in the eyes. Each villa inn has interior and modern facilities, and has a room which is located behind the privacy of each villa lodging that can be used as a special space to relax. In the private room there is a small swimming pool and lounge chairs with views directly jutting into the sea, so that when the time comes the dark can see the sunset from the villa. Well for those of you who want to relax and unwind routines of work, then starting on October 30, 2011 the resort is open to the public so you can make a vacation destination.

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