Newspaper Recycling Bins For Homes and Work Environments

Disposing of newspapers is a common need in homes and offices. Mostly, the old newspapers are thrown as waste but these can also be collected and sent for recycling. Recycling not only disposes of the waste material in an eco-friendly manner but also recreates something useful out of the waste material. For example, what you put into your recycling contaier can be used to make paper towels, photostat paper, letterheads, paper bags, and new paper for printing.

Newspaper recycled is an effective way to help the environment. Recycling a four foot stack of newspapers can produce the same amount of pulp that is produced by cutting down a 40 foot pine tree. Producing goods made from recycled paper also creates 55% less pollution as compared to manufacturing goods from newly cut trees. Homes and offices can use newspaper recycling bins to collect the daily paper and send it to the local recycling center for recycling. Here is how you can successfully implement the practice of recycling in homes and offices.

Newspaper recycling bins for home;
A newspaper recycling bin can be kept in the kitchen or the garage area where the daily newspaper can be kept after everyone has read it. You can use newspaper recycling bins from Slim Jim, Rubbermaid or Ecolad to collect the newspapers. These bins are durable in nature and ideal for storing newspaper in all weather conditions. You can also assign duty to a family member for daily collection of newspaper and its storage in the recycling container. Old magazines and journals can also be put in the container.

Newspaper recycling bin for offices;
Newspaper recycling bins can be used at different places in the office to collect old newspapers as well as other waste paper. Office newspaper receptacles are ideal for offices as these are small in size and can easily fit in limited space. You can also use stackable recycling bins to collect newspapers; these bins can be stacked on top of each other to provide more storage capacity while taking up less office space. Bins with convenient slots on the lids are also ideal.

Newspapers must be disposed properly in homes and offices for proper recycling. Log on to to find out more about newspaper recycling bins from some of the top recycling bin manufacturers. Make recycling newspapers a rule in your home and office to contribute to the environment.

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