Room Remodeling Ideas - Incorporate Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

It's not every day you have an afternoon, hour or even a minute to yourself. But when these rare opportunities present themselves, it is always best to seize those precious few minutes or hours and make them as beneficial as possible. While we may be tempted to use this time to relax, sip on coffee or enjoy the sunny weather, we should not neglect household chores and home remodeling projects you've put on the backburner and procrastinated starting.
So you've finally developed enough motivation to begin your long-overdue room remodeling project. Where to begin? What should you remodel? Can you afford it? These questions and more are most likely swirling around your head. A quick and easy way to revamp any room's interior decoration is to install new, decorative cabinet knobs and pulls. Each room's hardware should reflect not only style but also function. Read on to get great decorating ideas for your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

Kitchen Hardware Basics
Your kitchen is most likely used for a smorgasbord of activities; from cooking and eating meals to serving as a makeshift classroom to do homework, your drawers, tables and shelves are multi-purposed. Since your kitchen is used so frequently, it would be entirely impractical to install highly ornate cabinet knobs with intricate designs and expensive finish. A better choice would be to use durable yet matching materials that can easily be cleaned with disinfectant wipes (especially if there are many small hands grabbing at cabinet knobs). Materials such as stainless steel, chrome and nickel are nice options. Be sure to choose a finish for these kitchen cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs that compliments the existing cabinet shelving. If wood is marbled, pick a finish that matches one of the colors.

Beautiful Bathroom Essentials
Next to your kitchen, your home's bathroom is the second most used room in your home - and it is no wonder. Here more than other areas, cleanliness is important. Similarly to your kitchen, decorative drawer pulls, hinges, screws and other small hardware pieces are impractical and for the most part, will be overlooked. Rather, rust-proof materials should be installed to prevent having to replace your hardware a few years from now. Stainless steel pulls and dummy knobs will no doubt match your faucet, shower head and bathtub units.

Master Bedroom Door Accessories
You've probably been waiting for the fun part of decorating - this is it! While the kitchen and bathroom are not appropriate areas to show off your taste for elegance, your master bedroom is! Choose styles, sizes, shapes and finishes that appeal to you; after all, you will be the one noticing them day and night. Here, sturdy, decorate knobs are appropriate pieces to accent your boudoir, bureau, dressers and end tables. Do not be shy when choosing materials, also. Heavy materials such as iron and nickel work well with both light and dark finished woods.

Children's Bedroom Designs
While you may have gotten your decorating itch scratched by incorporating elegant accessories in your bedroom, your children's rooms should not be neglected. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, why not ask them for their input? They might come up with a few suggestions that are totally outside of the proverbial box. One great solution for children's cabinet hardware is to install unique shapes that reflect their individual personalities. Drawer pulls and dummy knobs are available in a variety of theme-styled collections such as: sports, dancing, photography, sailing, nautical and flowers. It could be a fun, family project picking out the unique pieces that will certainly make your children feel special! If this sounds a bit overwhelming, simply choosing colored glass door knobs in your child's favorite color (as long as it matches) is a simple way to decorate any bedroom quickly and efficiently, while still incorporating your child's individual tastes.