Lazy Susan Turntables and Kitchen Efficiency

So you have your baking or cooking home business up-and-running, how can you optimize your kitchen space for maximum efficiency? What worked best for me was buying a collection of Lazy Susan turntables and using them as organizers. Buying a stack of Lazy Susan turntables can do much more than just maximize your cabinet space. Here is how: they can be used on counter-tops, in cabinetry and also creatively for display purposes.

Lazy Susan turntables, whose invention has been attributed by some to Thomas Jefferson and by others to Thomas Edison, can either be bought as a free-standing turntable to be placed on a table top, or as a kitchen cabinet unit. Either way they are always excellent ideas, and have the answers to many storage dilemmas.

Need more space? Lazy Suzan turntables exist in Two- and even Three-Tier variety to give extra storage space on your counter top. We cooks and baking-lovers, appreciate this greatly. Having the condiments and sachets of various flavors and even food colorings on display and readily available, not tucked away in some drawer, saves valuable time. You can even buy a divided Lazy Suzan turntable for maximum use of its area. Do you have a countertop that often gets wet and slippery? There is a Lazy Suzan turntable designed just for that: the non-slip Lazy Suzan turntable! Well, what about these hard to reach kitchen cabinets with the folding doors? Well, Lazy Suzan turntables come to the rescue again! They have specifically designed the kidney-shaped Lazy Suzan turntables with this problem in mind.

Lazy Suzan turntables have evolved into a whole array of revolving shelves. These are available in various shapes: the full round, Kidney shaped, or the pie cut. And made from a variety of materials to suit the needs of all: plastic polymers, wire, and even wood-for those seeking the ultimate chic.

And finally, whether you do your own catering or you sell your baked goods in boxes, you always need new, creative ideas to present your delicacies. What better than a finely decorated, glass or wooden Lazy Suzan turntable displaying an assortment of muffins, cake portions, petits fours or even chocolates. You can choose one suitable for your kitchen (or display area's) decor, and either buy the regular hand-turned one, or even splurge on a fancier motorized version that will provide added appeal and entertainment for your visitors and customers.