Top Three Trendy Designs in New Kitchens

Updating your kitchen is an exciting time. This home improvement delivers incredible value both to your home and your family's lives. It also gives you a chance to include the latest styles, features and innovations in design. Think about these top three trendy design ideas for new kitchens and consider whether any (or all) can be included in your remodel project.

Poured Concrete Counter Tops
Not entirely a new idea, poured concrete counter tops have moved from utilitarian designs and construction to the hottest styles in modern kitchen design. By hiring a skilled concrete counter top contractor you can choose virtually any shape and size of mold. The concrete used can be adapted to suit your tastes as well, with additives for both colour and style put in.

Some homeowners are actually embedding items of personal importance into the counters. Imagine seeing the sea shells you collected from your family vacation to the shore in your kitchen counter. Or you can look for interesting and funky pieces of recycled glass or ceramics and add them to the concrete for a one-of-a-kind look.

Multi-Level Kitchen Islands
This style of kitchen island lends itself to multi-uses, including dining, meal preparation and even a display of gorgeous items. The idea is to create different levels within one island, with various sizes of cabinetry and counter space. You can design one end to be a breakfast bar with seating and even include a built in sink or range top for even more versatility.

Some other features that make an island go from standard to spectacular include a wine rack, glass display shelves and natural stone counters. Think about designing for a geometric shape instead of the common rectangle and if your kitchen won't work with an island, consider a multi-level peninsula.

Unique Pendant Style Lighting
Spot lights are a nice choice for the kitchen, offering good overall illumination and value, but they don't do much for a chic, it's more of a trendy look. Try installing various groups of pendant lights instead. These can be designed in almost any style to suit your tastes and when hung from the ceiling and grouped together properly, pendants deliver a high level of brightness is the kitchen.

Try installing them in groups of 3 or 5 (depending on the size) and experiment with various heights. For spot lighting in prep areas, keep them low and close to the counter, whereas for general room lighting pendants can be hung a little higher. This type of light works very well for ceilings of any height from low to soaring, making them a versatile product for many UK homes.

These hot looks and styles for new kitchens are guaranteed to give you a more updated, modern home that the whole family can enjoy.