Things to Know About Maple Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinetry has been dubbed the building blocks of kitchens not only for their great contribution to the overall look of the interior but also for the organization they lend the area for more functionality and efficiency. When it comes to buying the best cabinet collection, the wide variety of selection can pose as a great challenge. A household name in furniture and cabinetry is maple, and maple kitchen cabinets are a common sight in many kitchens. So if you are looking to buy a set for your remodeling project, this article tells you why maple cabinets are an excellent choice.


What draws many homeowners to choosing maple kitchen cabinets is the intrinsic character of the wood that features elegant fine grains. This creates a coordinated look to all units and a smooth to touch surface. Because of the tight grains, this type of hardwood will look fabulous when painted. When finishes in its natural color, you can get a light to medium natural tone that helps achieve a sunny welcoming feel in the heart of homes. And because the wood material stains very well, you can also find luxurious dark choices including mahogany, cherry, walnut and others.

Design Flexibility

Because maple kitchen cabinets come in a very wide array of finishes, you can choose the best complementing color for whatever color scheme you are working on in your remodeling project. You can choose to have your cabinetry custom-made or bought ready to assemble. Light weight, this hardwood is easy to work with and is a popular material for RTA cabinets in various styles to match with different kitchen designs. Some of the most popular collections include: Cherry Maple Glaze, Bronze Cherry, Chocolate Mahogany, Cinnamon Glaze, Coffee Caramel, Classic Rope, Espresso Shaker, Ginger Shaker, New Yorker, Randolph Walnut, Signature Black, Spice Maple and White Shaker.

Durability and Strength

The cabinetry that you buy should hold up for many years; this makes the level of durability and strength an important shopping factor to take note of. Maple kitchen cabinets are popular not only for their aesthetic benefits but also for the premium quality that they come in. This hardwood is particularly good at maintaining its beauty even through exposure to moisture, dirt and grime, and the always changing temperature levels. So even through the everyday use and abuse and no matter how busy your kitchen might be, your cabinet collection will grace the area with exquisite warmth for many practical years.


Because maple is widely grown in America, the supply for timber is adequate to make the price for custom cabinetry material as well as RTA maple kitchen cabinets minimal and affordable for buyers. Light weight, shipping would not cost as much and will be a whole lot easier especially if you buy ready to assemble units which are flat-packed. You can even take advantage of free shipping for a minimum order. So if you are particular about the budget, this hardwood material is a good option to give you the best value for your remodeling money.